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APP is an Oklahoma based, privately owned, security and risk management company operating in all 50 states and with partners in Germany. We offer comprehensive services and advice on every aspect of security – ranging from corporate operations, commercial and retail security risk aversion to close protection and high commodity transport. All of our professionally trained and certified staff are experts in their corresponding fields, and are capable of handling any security need. Whether in patrol or on foot, armed or unarmed, APP is there to offer customized security solutions. When you decide to put your safety in our hands, keep in mind that we carefully select only the highest standard of security professionals with multiple years of former military or government agency experience.
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Personal Protection
Residential Security
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Asset Protection
Special Forces GOG-1

GOG-1 (Ghost-1) – is APP’s elite special operations and training group. Operators in this select group have various military backgrounds and operational experience, but all have completed our training curriculum that is unlike any other. Read more..

Aviation Safety Training

Ghost-1 is taking the lead in setting a new standard of safety and success in the Aviation industry. Since 9/11, the aviation industry has not only battled a spiraling economy but is also trying to re-establish confidence in airline safety. Read more...